To discover : keriMedical webinars dedicated to hand surgery

A huge thank you goes to all the surgeons who kindly shared their expertise through different #Kerimedical webinars dedicated to hand surgery. See below the complete list of these sessions with YouTube link. https://bit.ly/3gIMQV5 ✔️Touch® CMCJ : latero palmar Vs dorsal approach Dr Alain TCHURUKDICHIAN and Dr Christian Couturier ✔️Touch® CMCJ using the WALANT technique Dr Gilles Candelier and Dr Olivier Mares ✔️CMCJ…

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Cadaver Lab training session CMCJ Touch® prosthesis and Wrist prosthesis Motec®

What an incredible and enriching experience in Geneva! On December 13th, KeriMedical organized 2 sessions on TMC Touch® prosthesis and Motec® wrist prosthesis simultaneously at the Swiss Foundation For Innovation And Training In Surgery (SFITS) in Geneva. We welcomed more than 20 surgeons from all over the world! Thank you to all the participants and…

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