Touch® CMC1 Dual Mobility prosthesis : a prospective study published in the JHS EUR


We celebrate the 7 year anniversary of the first #Touch® CMC1 Dual Mobility prosthesis implantation from Dr Bruno Lussiez in Monaco.

A prospective study, multi centrical, get published in the JHS Europe (June 2021) about 107 cases with a follow-up of more than 3 years.

Many thanks to Dr. Bruno Lussiez, Dr. Cyril Falaise and Dr. Pascal Ledoux for this key publication.

Touch® Dual Mobility CMC1 prosthesis …far ahead with two cups option, highly crosslinked poly and 6 stems. Since July 2014, over 15.000 implantations in 23 countries, and +450 surgeons already get trained.